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Calendar: month, days, events.

Башкирева Дарина г. Сочи

Научный руководитель: учитель английского языка Токарева Елена Сергеевна


Calendar: month, days, events.


Millions of people all over the world use calendars every day.

Some of them prefer small ones, that are not more than banknote size, but the others enjoy large ones with huge numbers and letters that can be seen from any corner of the room.

     The history of the appearance of the calendars is long and very interesting. The first part of the work helps the readers to get acquainted with it, while the second one is product of creative mind.

     The  aim of the work was to create a special calendar for English study, so that the  pupils no matter whether they like or not, could enlarge their scope of knowledge, reading simple sentences-definitions or solving problems and doing different tasks. The tasks that were chosen for the calendar are so easy, that any pupil reading pages of the calendar attentively is able to answer any questions easily.

The objectives of the work were the following:

To study the history of origin of calendars, names of month, days of the week;

To study the history and culture of English-speaking countries, so that to find the necessary information for each date;

To prepare tasks, suitable for any pupil able to read and understand English;

To enlarge personal scope of knowledge.

      The title of the work is “ Calendar:  months, days, events” as reading

Its  pages anyone can find something new, unusual and really very interesting information about the origin  of the names of month, days of a week, notable dates in the history of English-speaking  countries.

In a word, easy reading with small tasks just for pleasure, that`s what awaits you as soon as you open the next page. So, you are welcome…      


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